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Rock In The OC reviews hIPNOSTIC and Dokken Live - December 3rd, 2019

Thanks much to Rock In The OC for the review and photos from our show with the mighty Dokken.

"Not only is hIPNOSTIC's music hard and heavy, but they also have fantastic stage presence, working the audience and getting everyone energized". Check out the review and photos CLICK HERE.

SoCalMusicToday reviews hIPNOSTIC Live! - April 24th 2018

Thanks to SoCalMusicToday and Dave Safley for reviewing and photo capturing last weeks SOLD OUT show!

"These guys rocked and succeeded with their incredible talent. They kicked out the jams with solid riffs, power grooves and confident lyrical writing, they bring the rock-heavy music to every one of their concerts, Hipnostic will not disappoint!" Check out the photos CLICK HERE.

The OC WEEKLY features hIPNOSTIC in its latest issue - November 18th 2017

OC hard rockers stay true to their sound! We are very honored to be featured in this weeks music section in print and on-line. A huge thanks to Nate Jackson for doing such a wonderful job of telling our story. Check out the complete article on-line CLICK HERE

HONEST BRUTALITY RADIO interviews hIPNOSTIC - June 15th 2017

Poised to reemerge with new material that will make the music world take notice, the guys sit down and talk with us. Turn it up and laugh along with us as we get to know the guys from hIPNOSTIC. Hear the complete interview CLICK HERE.

HIGHWIRE DAZE ONLINE reviews hIPNOSTIC at the Whisky - November 30th 2016

Outstanding live photos by Jack Lue and show review by Ken Morton for HighWire Daze Online.

"Hipnostic is a compelling band that is well worth experiencing in a live setting. Expect to see Hipnostic headlining their own club shows soon!" the complete review CLICK HERE. See the live show photos CLICK HERE.

Big thanks to Ken and Jack for capturing this special show in Hollywood!

ONSTAGE REVIEW is in the house for the hIPNOSTIC show - October 20th 2016

Great live photos and show review by Dave Safley for Onstage and ModernPics. Dave captured the energy of hIPNOSTIC's show that night as they were supporting Sebastian Bach, The Voice of Skid Row. 

Big thanks to Dave! Check out the complete review and photos here.

COMING UP MAGAZINE interviews hIPNOSTIC - November 8th 2015

Great new interview with Blake in "Coming Up Magazine". Want to thank Sean Stroh for the excellent discussion...very engaging! The article takes a step back to the early beginnings of the band. Check out the complete interview here.

hIPNOSTIC band interview on "Wikked Chik Radio WCR247" - August 13th 2015

Blake, Rob and Lawrence interviewed on the "Wikked Chik Radio Show" with Liss discussions and talk about the new single! Click on the link to view

hIPNOSTIC interview on "The Mental Metal Trivia Show" - June 14th 2015

Excited to share a brand new hIPNOSTIC interview on "The Mental Metal Trivia Show" with CJ Plain...great discussion and show all around! Click on the link to view

hIPNOSTIC interview on the "Jimmy Star Radio Show" May 20th 2015

Here is the complete interview with Jimmy Star and Deidra. Click on the link to view


HARD ROCKOLOGY RADIO interview with Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Blake Hastings - May 7th 2015 

Blake talks about the band's new single, Ain't No Sunshine, the bands plans for 2015, and whatever else comes to mind. As a bonus we are throwing in the track, Ritual, at the end of the interview. Click on the link to view

ROCK BANDOM MAGAZINE reviews hIPNOSTIC - June 1st 2015

Reviews like this really make creating original heavy rock so worth it...."Superb heavy rock band indeed and we mean superb" Click on the link to view


hIPNOSTIC’s song “RITUAL” is featured in the “DEAD MATTER” horror movie, “RITUAL” is also included in the motion picture soundtrack and available on NetFlix and Red Box locations.

hIPNOSTIC received 4 nominations at the ALL ACCESS L.A. Music Awards,

Best New Group

Best Hard Rock Band

Best overall album of the year

Best Alternative Male Vocalist.


Blake Hastings won the award for Best Alternative Male vocalist

at the ALL ACCESS L.A. Music Awards.

"Dissolve Me is by far one of the best hard rock/alternative sounding albums I've come across this year".

- Debra Stocker, Editor of All ACCESS Magazine -

"The talent level is high, the range is varied, the voice is superior, the guitar riffs are catchy and there are numerous standout tracks on "Dissolve Me". There is a commercial shine to this made-for-radio band”. 

- Modern Fix Magazine -

"hIPNOSTIC delivers solid songs that are ideal for modern rock radio. Forget about fluff, for hIPNOSTIC leave an indelible mark with their uniquely characteristic and highly memorable debut disc".

- Aaron Small, gives the band an awesome "8.0" review.

"A very powerful debut CD which could easily be played over the airwaves".

- -

"The tuneful O.C. band packs a mean wallop".

- Revolver Magazine -

“Dissolve Me comes off like a vicious hard rock assault”.

- O.C.’s SKRATCH magazine -

hIPNOSTIC had two songs featured in Fox Sports Net’s

“Re:Evolution of Sports” show.


KLPI 89.1 FM- Ruston, LA – Charts hIPNOSTIC in theirTOP 30 CMJ Report

for 15 weeks in a row, songs “Ritual” and “Dissolve Me” are put into heavy rotation.


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